ok…pants ride to work as it seems that even tho it was raining this morning…every car driver and his dog felt the need to try and run me off the road…was not a happy chappy…

then get to work and strait out to a flight(HEATHROW)…it was the Icelanair and not a very popular flight as its a pain in the aris…

anyway…finish the flight…close the cargo dooors up and off she goes…good ridence and sianara!!!

gets back to my crew room and decide to celebrate my 20 break between flights with a ciggy…go to the security station go to grab my I.D…ahhhh…not on my arm were i normally put it…ok must of left it back in the crew room…so trapes back threw the rain…reach the crew room…no I.D…

ok…this is pants…go to my manager and i say…’‘ummm…you’ve got an extra passanger on board the icelandair mate…’’

he goes balistic…tells me to go home as i cant roam the airport without an ID…so here i am…

if i knew it would be that easy to get half a day off i would have done this years ago…lol

ohhh what a silly boy i am…:w00t:.


They should sack you for that, i know i would.:stuck_out_tongue:

You could have picked a better day weather wise to get half a day off…

Wrong miserable day for that stroke of luck to happen though, no 100% I.D Check then! Thats interesting to know!!!

yea…security is very strict at the airport mate…hence why i had to go home…


so where was it?

its on its way to iceland hun…i was checking inside one of the cargo doors and it must of fallen out while i was laying on my back…:D.

ohh well…these things happen dont they…


Shame they didn’t send you out their to retrieve it.

You could impress some beautiful Icelandic girls when you touched down :wink:

Good Skills !!

bet you wont forget your Id again hahahahaha

Oh dear!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame about the sh*t weather mate, you could have had a nice blast around the countryside without the long-haired general knowing about it! :w00t:

You lucky boy :wink:

Nice touch, cant stop laughing i’m going to work. Have a nice day. :smiley:

Loosing an Airport pass. Ouch, how much is that going to cost you? Or do you think that Icelandair are going to send it back?

Not good that.

lol - poor obs Shane ;):smiley: