Dogtags ?

The post by madscientist about transplant donors triggered me to ask this, as I’ve been thinking about it for some time. Does anybody know where I can get a “dog tag” type thing to wear round my neck which gives details of blood group and the medication I have to take ?

I have to take medication for the rest of my life, which is no great hardship, but should I be involved in something rather nasty I’d like the paramedics & doctors to know what medication I’m on.


I sell gold ones and could prolly find some in silver…

Have a look here -

I bought some posh ones for my Dads racing from John Lewis cos his home made ones were shameful

He probably engraved them with a Dremel and a blindfold

I was thinking about this too, as I know of another bike forum that’s been advocating them - especially if you ride alone a lot (or have no-one to notice if you don’t return home…)

Good idea esp if you’re diabetic etc or are allergic to meds such as penicillin.

Pointless just for blood group though, as there’s no way they’ll pump anything other than O- into you before they’ve tested you for type, they’d be wide open for a malpractice charge & a negligence law suit if they just went on what was written on a trinket you were wearing !

I have been taking meds for a condition for about 10 years now. I can almost say that the condition doesn’t exist now as since getting a decent doctor who sorted the right medication it has never been a problem since.

However, should I be in Europe or something and have a big off I’d like to think they’d pump the right medication into me. I also have to take anti coagulants after suffering a DVT recently. In fact if they give me any more of the stuff my blood will be so thin I think my skin will start leaking