Dog's are great aren't they?

I had a dog maul my bike once. I rode 2,000 miles to see a girl and her dog attacked my bike when we were out for dinner. Bloody jealous no doubt.

Bloody hell, that dog didn’t like you!!!

A couple of Christmas’ ago we were at the GF’s elderly parents. Denise had gone to help her wheelchair bound mother to the loo & I was sat in the kitchen with her 88 year old father. He suddenly leant forward in his chair & barfed up over the floor in front of him. ‘Bollocks’ thought I, I’m going to have to clean this up. Before I could get out of my chair, Milo the labrador was onto the job & had cleaned up the entire mess with his tongue by the time Denise & her mum reappeared.

So yes, dogs are great. Feckin disgusting, but great…


Oh my god, that’s disgusting.

Nah he was just more of a Honda fan

First time at a GFs parents house, and keen to impress, I took the old man out for some drinks. Had quite a few and woke up next to a pile of puke by the head, with a sore head and a very annoyed GF

Went downstairs, got a bucket and got it all cleaned up, no harm done. Then went for breakie with the parents.

Small talk from the future MiL at breakie moves to “I hope the dog is ok, poor thing keeps being sick”

Fckin hated that bastard…