Doglondon Fazer Six

Me new badboy, what yer think?



Holy cow, I love it Leeboy! Welcome to LB as well :slight_smile:

I love the matt-black finish with the gsx-r tail piece. Looks tight.

You must be El Tel’s mate :smiley: Welcome to LB fella :slight_smile:

Lurve that bike :cool:

So this must be the Orange Tic-Tac of the two*:wink:

Lovely bike mate

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

*Tel’s being the green one;)

Now THAT I DO LIKE !!! :cool:

very nice, but i wont be chopping my frank up!:smiley:

Nah chunks, the zrx11 is the orange one, soon to be a different colour, doubt Leeboy will reply yet. It’ll take him 48 hours to type it out.

Looks Well Niice :cool:

Great job, I really like this. Love the contrast of the matt black and orange, looks awesome!

That is one very cool looking bike!

(I really want to properly streetfighter mine or something better, but no money yet.)

Thanx for all the nice coments, glad yer like it. Probably gonna sell it after Streetfighters photograph it, to make way for the next project. Anyone intrested please gimme a shout. Also if your looking to have any custom work done on yer bike give us a shout. (yes Tel, this took me half hour to type, you cheeky slag!)

i think it looks the dog borrocks!!!

loveing the matt black and orange look!!

see im tempted to get a motard…but part of me says STREETFIGHTER!!!:D:w00t:

Combine the two mate, thats something i’m gonna do on one of me next projects. Super motos do look fun tho.

Ha, I’ll upload the cafe racer ones soon and mail em over to ya.

hhmmm thats an idea! i did hear about someone doing an SV650 engined motard:w00t:

i am thinking about a straight bar conversion on my SV650S, im getting right into these streetfighters they look the soo damn good!:smiley:

Whats the matt black paint stand up like? It looks vewwy thexy:cool:

I’ve always imagined it would go shiney where your legs/jacket rubbed the tank?

Is that not the case with modern paints?

The matt black aint the best for wear n’ tear, it marks easy, but its easy to touch up. I’ll probably paint most of me bikes with it, just changing the pop color. You could lacuer it, but that would make it shinny.

Cheers Tel.

Yeah thats what I suspected. I want something a bit more practical… Might try Hammerite;):smiley: