Dogging free for all - Sunday 12 Feb

The chance to join LBs first 100-dog walk-out

Meet at Thame Citizens Advice Bureau, 12.30 pm Sunday 12 Feb for lunch and rules of engagement.

A chance for LB canines to challenge each other on neutral territory.

List of attendees:

Mr J, Mrs J and Nina J (a feisty JS German Shepherd Bitch)

Mr and Mrs Rosso

Alex Gold & Speedjunky


Alba and Maxy aka "gnasher"do you fancy laying the trail?

Let me know how lunch goes. We usually use the Coffee House when lunching in Thame.

Nina loves you Julian if yer not there she will be bereft and will not be able to bite anything or anyone.:crying:

I could probably get there for 12:30 in the Volvo. Is this meeting point correct?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1600&bih=803&wrapid=tlif132900943137910&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=Thame+Citizens+Advice+Bureau&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=Citizens+Advice+Bureau&hnear=0x487692ccccc246a1:0xf5b79ef2a4cccee2,Thame,+Oxfordshire&cid=0,0,13819506900630646796&ei=GBM3T5XjEM_U8QOZlPC2Ag&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CBQQ_BI

My guess would be a little nearer the lamp post!

Joby, yes spot on.

Art, :P:D

Sounds good … but can you guarantee the safety of my lully boy though …

His a bit slow and old now as well… yeah yeah I know just like his owner :slight_smile:

Ooh yes Geoff I see the similarities lol

yes he is a handsome lad… :wink:

I was thinking more of the hair lol

I’ll probably be a no show. Spent the night in the boozer and driving is probably not a good idea.

What a lovely idea - would definitely be up for this - but have been invited on a journey to deepest Catfod for a slap up Sunday lunch at a pal’s house. Enjoy. Give the gorgeous beast Nina a big kiss and cuddle from me :smiley: We expect to see the photos later;)

hey sorry just seen this!
me and Maxy would love to join but i dont know how to reach the meeting point, i dont have a car i’m afraid… :frowning:

Hope you all had a nice lunch and walk… sorry didn’t make it had a visitor come calling and ended up walking the dog locally… some pictures…

Had a lovely time, sorry you couldn`t make it Geoff and Alba.

We had a wander round Cuttle Brook nature reserve followed by lunch in The Coffee House as recomended by Giuliano.

Rosso with Natalies puppies on prominent display.:slight_smile:

Outside Thame citizens advice centre.

All I can see is a bunch of dodgy doggers, best to be avoided :blink: