Dog teasers.

No wonder Maltesers are losing popularity, dogTeasers are the way to go:)

We ate the rest of the box while watching Newsnight.:smiley:

Bet you thought this was a dog vibrator report.:slight_smile:

No such luck, why waste batteries on a dog, we`re testing that ourselves. Woof. :rolleyes:

Not that we`d try it if my wrist was more mobile.:wink:

Nice carpet :w00t:

does it match the drapes?

Reminds me of the Irish girl who managed to convince me she was a bull teaser in a previous job - wanking off bulls and collecting their seamen for IVF with cows.

About 6 years later I found out from a farmer that they use a syringe to extract the seamen rather than it being a manual process.

BL: I knew a bull teaser once - she collected the bulls’ seamen
Farmer: Collect it? You use a syringe to extract it
BL: What? You don’t have to wank them off then?
Farmer: Only in Norfolk :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet she is still laughing at me now :crazy: