Arseholes. Hope they get hung out to dry.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for pointing this out to everyone Tim, we are gutted by this - it is our local dogging site and Nina very nearly was a victim - luckily her scheduled walk in that very place was deferred on Friday. We won’t be going there for a while which is a shame as it’s handy to have a little bit of countryside on yer doorstep in Wembley.

The likely reason for some arsehole doing this we think is to get rid of the foxes, which are a menace but don’t deserve this.

wow! thats too close for comfort, Im so glad nina is safe. I hope they catch the bastid who is doing this.

i’ve read it this morning, thats my worse fear when i walk the dog as he’s a real scavenger and he’ll eat anything which remotely looks edible.

cant even contemplate the idea this could have happened to Nina. hope they die the same death as those poor animals. :angry:

Nina, that’s a nice name :Whistling:

Sick bastards.

Fukers ill hang em up by there man tackle if I caught anybody doing that

& let daisy have a chew on them

We are now walking our dogs on leads. If everyone is looking out for these swine at Fryent Way they may move to other parks in the area.