Dog hair

When I lived at my mums house, the man next door put up some gates and concreted in the posts. A cat ran through the small area of cement 3 times, eaving his paw prints.The same cat jumped onto his freshly painted blue exterior window sills and then left paw prints on the inside cream windowsill. Shouldnt have left his window open! Cant remember the cats name, it was patchy brown and yellow… forgive me this was 35 years ago.

Yes old age normally does that to you, when you can’t remember that far back its usally a sign :w00t::smiley:

The cat must be dead by now so I guess it`s not important.

You should put a missing cat ad it might turn up:D:P:hehe:

I was getting seriously worried about Jetstream, but I think he is now beyond help.

i can always expect a random post from the Jetstream crew but actually thought this one might be relevant because i’ve had nightmares in the past getting my place decorated only to find dog hair in the gloss.

This time round old Winston is going to have to go in a kennel for a few days until the painters have left and the paint is ‘bone dry’ so to speak…

…still wondering what it’s got to do with a dead/missing cat though…:ermm: