does this look like 122mph to you?

have a close look at the police video and note the error code flashing up before the ‘122mph’ reading !!

I’m sure it would have been brought up in the prosecution in his defence.

no it dont look like 122…

Hearsay consensus is that he was done to rights elsewhere, but these were the only pictures available for the public. He can’t have been doing more than 50 around the bend.

However if the pictures were used as evidence, I’m sure (ha-ha) the defence would have pointed out that the top of the back wheel was travelling twice as fast as the bike, and as the cross-hairs may have locked onto that…

Yeah, like these devices were tested and approved for use against bikes. Grrrrrr.

The official MAG response is in the other thread.

Doesn’t matter what it looks like, the guy admitted in court he was doing it, so no need for plod to prove anything.

This piece of video was only released to the media as a police PR stunt to encourage tuts of disbelief at his recklessness by the outraged Daily Mail reading public, nothing else.