Does this bike make my ass look big?

Hello and welcome. Cant see the pics as we dont have access to your d drive. Either use a site like imageshack to host your pic or check the box that says ‘Add attachments to this post’ which will allow you to attach the pic to the post. All the best.

Blimey, Foxy didn’t 'arf put on some weight over xmas!

Seen that photo before but it’s still as shocking now as it was then, oh and Pete when Foxy reads this your gonna be a dead man, hope you have on your running shoes lol

Pete shes not even in the country lucky you

I don’t wanna be you mate plus what did that harmless Ninja ever do to anybody

Hey, when you take that piccy? my wife never told me she was a model.

he he he.

stop suspension cruelty now!!!

She’s built for comfort, not speed !!!

No its just one of those new companies that lower bikes for women

Hey Bully, welcome to LB! Shocking picture to post up for your first post, but it got some reactions, hey? Pete, Foxy will kill you for sure

Oh my god,that is shocking i think she should get to weight watchers asap! LOL

Show a little respect - that’s my new burd!

Thanks for the welcome Jay I’ve been watching the site for awhile now and I know the pic is pretty shocking for a first post, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. I had some trouble uploading it tho. Still not quite sure how I did