Does one of our LBrs work at the Perivale pound?

Am sure someone does. Need help - before my impounded bike gets disposed of. (Genuinely not a wind up)


There did used to be one, I can’t remember her name, Jools? but IIRC she was Gurniman’s other half.

Anyway I believe she went off a couple of years or so ago to to become a paramedic in Hampshire.

Bollox - cheers Pat.

You fancy breaking into the pound to free my bike?

I don’t work there but if you need to me do anything Nick, ill try

If you could break in - kick the prick who has my bike in the bollocks - that would be much appreciated.


It was JudgeJools but didn’t they move to the West Country? it’s a while since they posted on here.

From past pound experience you need registration doc and driving licence/ID as minimum to get it out if it’s yours. Not sure what additional stuff you need if picking up for someone. else. They are rather inflexible too

Very best of luck with it Nick x

Hardest thing is they have sent a letter telling me to get it picked up by Apr 5th or they will dispose of it - not exact wording. (am getting letter scanned to me soon)

But the phone number i have for them is a recorded message…and I am not in the UK until April 12th…

So if they do as they say - I’m f*cked.

Why was it impounded ?

pm sent