Does LB ride out to BSB or Moto GP race weekends?

I’m interested cos I work as a cameraman at the occassional BSB race weekend. I cover the R6 VirginMobile Cup for Channel 5.

Anyway, we don’t attend every race weekend but I have a pitlane pass for all the races, so there are one or two weekends when I’d be interested to go to tracks, take in the atmosphere de 2 wheel heaven but wondered if anyone else went or was planning on going as well?

Just in case people do go already…(I saw some pics from Thruxton on here), we’re filming at Snetterton next…so if anyone wants to catch up…let me know.

Back end chatter…?!? I felt a disturbance in the 4-stroke…


I have made nearly every BSB so far, didn’t get to Donnington, but Andrew is your man, Not that I would say no to pit lane passes

Now that the weather’s picking up, I don’t see why we can’t start up some ride-outs to the races. I love them personally but don’t get out to many, just Brands really! Pit-pass eh, very nice

I’ve never been to one so would love to come if people are heading there from here.

Should have said as ya live in St Albans yu could have come down to Thruxton with JO and I albeit, the views of the racing there is pretty crap.

Thruxton AIN’T Good for views, you’re right, its much better on TV.

Oulton Park is this weekend, which I can’t make. I’m saving the good Princess Emma from the evil clutches of the Empire of MiL. We’re rendezvousing with fellow rebels at the Fast Fud Cluster on the outskirts of Star System NooPurt PagnahL and hiding in the Pube-Lick Hoose until we can refresh our forces. Lashings and lashings of Scrumpy and dirty brown ale-like stuff,

Er, anyway…Oulton Park…Much better for viewing!

Pity it’s so far away!

Pit lane passes - decent - Media trackside pass - Beautiful - just step this way sir…

I might be doing Mallory BSB as the next one.

That would have been cool - give me a shout next time - like I said… never been to a real race at a real circuit would love to see one.

Andrew and Matt, I want to got o Mallory so if you are up for it we could make a day of it on race day, that is unless you are camping out at mallory for this one andrew.

sounds good… when is it?

Oulton Park is this weekend, Superbike sessions on Saturday, all groups warm up and quali Sunday, and race day Monday

Mallory is June 2,3,4

Depending on the long arm of the Empire de MiL I may escape the gravitational pull of a “nice Sunday lunch with her evilness” and head for sanctuary at Mallory…