Does Hertfordshire contain the UK's rudest people?

Had to make a trip to Hertfordshire this afternoon, and like the title says, found the people the most obnoxious I’ve ever come across.

Not just the usual rude-boys and girls with their cheap tattoos and gangster talk. Today the stuck up middle class women were in full flow, screaming and being rude to people for no reason. Maybe it’s a mega case of synchronised PMT.

Where in Herts do you refer to?

what happened mate? i find people from hertfordshire no ruder than anyone else.

Who you calling rude :stuck_out_tongue:

We`re not from Herts but feck off anyway.:pinch:

i hate everyone equally

Was in Hertfordshire RFC this afternoon watching the Cornish boys beat Hertfordshire in the County Championships to go through to Twickers - geddon!

I am.

get stuffed.

I am in Herts, yeah feck off :w00t:

Derby lad, living in Herts here.

Go **** **** ******** ******* ***** **** ***** ****, yourself. :smiley:

If I were a gambling man I’d wager you’d ventured into Cheshunt/Waltham Cross …

The Chav Capital of The Home Counties, trainee battleaxes right left and centre with more Mutton than you could shake a stick and custodians of the Essex Girl gene pool :wink:

^^ No. I could understand it if I was over there, but I was meeting up with my former manager and his wife in Elstree and then headed up to St Albans. First time in this neck of the woods and I thought Hertfordshire was meant to be fairly posh, LOL! The local chavs were mild compared to the posh Hertfordshire middle classes… The middle-aged women who went apoplectic with rage when a couple of QPR fans dared to open a window on the train at Elstree set the scene for the evening, with rude ignorant taxi drivers, bickering locals, and restaurant staff with an attitude. “What! Are you not leaving a tip?”. “Er, I always leave a good tip for good service but in your case, you should be paying me” HA HA :smiley:

Seriously, if these people copped an attitude like this where I used to live near Glasgow and in Salford, they wouldn’t have been able to finish their sentence without someone giving them a smack in the gob. Is this normal for this neck of the woods?

I knew I was back in London later on when station staff, bus driver, and shop staff were all polite and good natured. Was like crossing in to another world. People of Hertfordshire - Chill the F*** Out! :cool:

Well observed Mark. If you want to meet polite, sophisticated, relaxed, educated, well presented punters then best head to Essex :stuck_out_tongue:

People may take the mickey, but Essex folk are the best! :slight_smile:

Apparently it’s the only way :smiley:

We all know Essex girls are the friendliest too.

What does an Essex girl use for protection during sex? A bus shelter :slight_smile:

Where does an Essex girl have intimate sex? A phone box :wink:


Why was the Essex girl disappointed when she got her drivers licence? because she got an F in sex.

how do you tell the difference between an essex girl and a rottweiler?