Does fitting a Belly Pan invalidate your insurance?

Granted I need to go dig out my insurance docs, but in the meantime…

Is this classed as a modification/improvement etc. Will it invalidate a typical insurance on that basis?

It so depends on the Broker and the few at Lloyds to be truthful about it. Just a week or two back I was looking through the comparison sites and I **** you not, some had Scott oilers as a modification that you must notify them about.

It’s just like the military adage “nobody gets fired for marking something as Top Secret” and as a result, what toilet paper gets used at the Pentagon gets classed as a National secret.

What has that got to do with insurance, well some daft dumpty in the City wrote anything different to the manufacturers specification, and that means anything from painting, adding stickers, to fitting a supercharger. You can’t even swap suspension to a superior brand/make or like for like which car owners do.

So you have to tell the Broker who will then slap an extra charge on you (which makes for a nice bonus in the CEO yearly review) or forget it and no charge.

I’m biased BTW, I believe capitalism enterprises (like compulsoryInsurance) has become corrupted for personal greed by the 1%.

I think (and don’t quote me on this) is that for a lot of them, purely decorative mods (ones that don’t affect performance) don’t invalidate the insurance but it means you cannot claim for damage on them in the event on an off…

I mean ebike list mods sooo extensively. Even Heated Grips are a mod!

i personally think a mod is something you have to make fit that’s a mod drilling holes in something to get it to fit is a mod but just placing on heated grips or wire tieing a scot oiler is just a after market accessory

they might try to wriggle out of any claim using the belly pan as an excuse. best tell them i reckon. when i changed my can on my blade i phoned them up and told them, they looked the can up and said it didnt improve the performance, thanks for letting them know and no charge. that was a year ago so i cant guarantee its the same now.

Sorted. Phoned them up and their “letting me have it”.

Ohhhh they are generous. [Insert expletive here]. :slight_smile:

Always the best thing to do. My aftermarket exhaust on my old bike didn’t change my insurance because it didn’t change the power of the bike, I very much doubt this is consistent across all insurance companies though. Alwways best to phone them.