Does anywhere do late night MOT's?

My tax runs out on the 1st of sept, mot runs out on the 26th of august hence i can’t get a tax disc until i sort the mot…

Problem is I’m away for a week from Saturday returning on the 1st

does any one know of a garage or garages that open late nights during the week and do MOT’s?

The only place I’ve found is essential rubber who open til 8 tonight but its the wrong Side of town for me.

Need to get something booked in this week if possible or it means ill have to sorn the bike til I get back from hols.

On that note… If the bike is sorn and without tax am I legally allowed to ride to and from an mot station?

I believe that’s is the case but what about all these ANPR cameras everywhere… Will I end up with a **** load of automated fines for riding with no tax and mot?

Moral of the story… Don’t leave it last minuite!

As far as I’m aware, you can legally ride/drive a SORN vehicle to an MOT station provided you have a test booked

Im pretty sure I remember Daniel GT mention a late night place but ill be damned if i can remember where/what its called

I believe Pole Position Limehouse are open until around 8pm some nights. Put mine in for MOT there, had no issues.

Edit: didn’t read… sorry…

Cool, thanksformthe replies folks. Will give ple position a call and see what they can do