Does anyone want a free


A colleague has a small (60 odd keys) piano that she wants to find a good home for. Its Kawai, a very good make (on par with a Yamaha).

We went to see it as my daughter has taken up the piano, but we wanted a full size. I sounds lovely, needs a little attention but is free to he or she that can collect. So, if you, a school youth club or anyone could use it, please let me know:)

Oh, the piano is in DA7, Kent (Bexley Heath?)

If no one wants it, I’ve run out of dry wood for my fire, I’ll take it:D

she doesnt want to pay to have it removed :slight_smile:

is it on the sixth floor?

Nope, there’s no catch, its right by the front door of their 3 bed terrace house!:stuck_out_tongue:

We live about a minute from Bexleyheath, shame none of us play the piano, or want a piano, or have room for a piano :D:D

ahem could be a good thing for your daughter/ son to learn? :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, guitar would be a cool thing for them to learn :wink: and there are pluses about owning a guitar:

1 easy to carry

2 loud mind blowing orgasmic tunes

3 chicks dig that :D…

I wish somebody had pointed number 1 out to me before I became a drummer. “Ummm, by the way Clancey, do you realise you’re going to have to lug this bloody great thing round to all your gigs? Maybe get a guitar?” :hehe:

hehe, you must hate setting up your drums again and then again and then over and over again…:smiley: