Does anyone know

Does anyone know Mike Oxsuge?

Hey Jay,

I am sure that Cam knew him once upon a time but not seen him in ages…

Have you tried Jo…? She might be able to shed some light in that direction !

No i did ask her but the only Mike she knows surname is Hunt

JASON…You Dirty boy !!! you have a right hand !!

Ive heard of Ox Ocube…(and u wish mate, u wish !! hee hee)

Oh i know him, aint he related to Mike Hunttissore?

Hey blade you got it !

Good girl

I thought you were walking funny

Nah, thats cos Mike Huntsmall …

I know “Ivor Biggun” but he’s away for the winter

Hes related to Ivor Toolforu isnt he?

Or is that I.Saw’s cousin? Could be related to I.C.Ucomin? Bluddy hell !!

oh yer I know that guy I’m sure he is related to Ben Dover isnt he… a distant relation of Ivor Hardy in some way

Dont they have Russian connections I am sure they are related to the ‘whodyanickabollockof’ clan

I think your getting him confused with the Indian swimming pool attendant Jahanja Bandin.

Ah you may be right there, sorry my apologies…

But i thought he was Jahanja Monyova? who married Mia Fartsmell? hmm maybe im wrong?