Does anyone know which headcam this is? Shows speed and RPM.

Looks like it might have its uses (if the lag issue can be resolved), however it might end up a double-edged sword for some…

No but I want it!

I believe it’s a GPS HUD overlay.
You just need a device which is able to record GPS information to a log file.
Then you sync that log with some kind of software onto the video.

That’s as much as I know.

This is the author site for that very software

Original video is here

Seems like too much hassle!

Thanks for finding that out, Premises. I agree with Daws1989 - too much hassle.

If there was a GPS-enabled camera that could do all this in one by default so all you have to do is press the “record” button, I would definitely buy it. Not so bothered about RPM but an automatic speed overlay would be good.

I think Contour missed a trick with its HD GPS.

Or even a device that wirelessly transmits from some sort of sensor on the ECU/RPM direct to the camera.

Would be EXCELLENT! but sod having to do all that!

The cadence (RPM) and the heart rate on the video that premises linked to can’t all come from the gps - it must also be connected/sync’ed to a cycle computer/heart rate monitor.