Does anyone know where i can get Part Worn tyres

I’m looking for a Part worn Tyre for the rear wheel , can anyone reccomend anywhere

Cheers :wink:

You just want to do burn-outs, AICMFP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi you should ask B, he sometimes has used tyres at very reasonable on prices as well.

Bemsee Round coming soon to Brands

29/09/2007 BMCRC/MRO Road Races Round 13Brands Hatch

Ha :smiley:

Drag strip? :w00t:

yes that drag strip fugged my tyre up since then i have ran out of thread throught the whole centre and as i said on saturday the bike started to flip skip at the back …

done 2 silly little burnouts and that was it tyre gone

These guys always have a good selection of part-worns in stock:

WaulPest (29/08/2007)

These guys always have a good selection of part-worns in stock:[/quote]

i agree

top bloke is that bob colins a part worn rear diablo strada put on me bike 4 £40 fitted which is not bad considerring a 16" car tyre cost me £30

just depends on wat they`ve got in stock

Cheers Lads will give them a try in the morning :wink:

You could always learn to use the side of the tyre…I’ll get my coat :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a mate who races in british superstock on an R1 and he’s always got part worn Racetecs for sale. If your interested give us a shout.

I have a set of Supercorsa scrubs that I’m not going to use. 180 rear though.