Does anyone here play poker

Been interested in learning…Guys at my old work used to play, but I didn’t really get into it then, but thinking of giving it another go.

How difficult is it to learn?

The rules are easy. Being good at it is another thing entirely. You can either play the odds or play the other players. The best is to be able to play them both.

I’d be interested in a freindly game if anyone is interested.

as above I’d be interested in a friendly game, I’m not brilliant but do like to play.

Also what game of “poker” you want to play there are many different varities

No such thing as a friendly game of poker:D

Texas Holdem?

Sorry thats all I know about Poker :slight_smile:

Any free sites where you can log on to practice / learn?

LB Poker Newbs :smiley:

try the one on facebook, no money and the rules are explained,

i have poker chips and play with the family but never played for money.

Texas hold 'em is best

Use to play in poker league before they run all over country look them up and they could help you…

You can play with “play money” on most of the sites, but I would get off that as soon as you have a grasp of the way the game works.

Problem is that if there isn’t any money on it, players will call your hands with nothing and hope to get lucky later in the hand. No one folds when its free.

Plenty of books out there covering the strategies. And I’d suggest playing the odds rather than the players, much more reliable!

yer thats what I pleay Texas Hold’em I’d be up for that if we could all arrange a suitable meeting point.

I play occasionally with some friends for fun but not really any good I have some chips as well if needed

I find a 9mm Glock tends to beat most things.:w00t:

Texas Hold’em :slight_smile:

When playing for money with friends over a few beers set out the betting limits before you get all drunk!

Otherwise things can get very heated.

Limiting the betting means everyone gets to play for longer and the less experienced players don’t lose their shirts in the first ten minutes and have to sit there twiddling their thumbs.

Set Blinds and a Pot Limit keeps it sane.

Oh, and I’d be up for a game if someone else organises it. :wink:

And nobody took the opportunity to mention liquer in the front and poker in the rear…oops, looks like i did.

lol thats the funniest thing I’ve heard/read today…

Ooooh why dont we organise a poker night? could do one round my place. got plenty of space and a large table and a big fridge for BEER !! :smiley:


Other options,

Golden Nugget Casino run poker tourneys every Friday night, £25 in plus £5 for an extra 1000 chips, re-buy in the first hour

Fox poker Club do tourneys constantly but if you want cheap you have to do lunchtimes. £20 buys on Tuesday lunchtimes I think. Friday nights are £100, which is a bit rich for me.

The Victoria Casino do £40 Freeze out on a Friday and you get a better class of player, but its a 7500 stack so they can last all night.

or there is the private online table option? Full tilt used to let you do that, and they are due to return soon I hear, been bought out by poker stars i think? if we do that we can do a tourney or play money.


or my place and I buy a massive bag of beans for around £1 and we buy beer for the difference :D:w00t:

I think I have a couple of sets of poker chips lying around. I’m sure others do too. We can put them all together and feel like real players instead of using beans :wink:

Great. I can put the £1 towards more beer :smiley: