Does anyone have an airbrush and compressor I can borrow?

Long shot I know, but if anyone has a mini kit I can borrow for a few days I would be very grateful.
I’m doing a few small repairs, currently Ally’s tank dent, and my ramshackle set-up has failed me.
I’m looking at a few replacements from ebay, but I’d like to get the tank done this week.
Alternatively, if anyone has a cheap and cheerful kit sitting at the back of the garage I’ll happily part with cash.

Hey mate.

Invest in a decent spray gun - the cheap ones are crap! Honestly you get what you pay for with spray guns.

Scorch i have a compressor you could borrow, i dont have an airbrush tho- have spray gun n air pump. If thats any good dont mind lending it to you whilst my dads on holiday! lol i live in se london tho might be a mission for you

Thanks Apegs, appreciate the offer. :slight_smile: I bit the bullet and managed to get some life out of my knackered set up in the end.