Does anyone have a friend currently without a licence.....

If they’re up for a challenge they should check this out…

And here’s the Link to the site… Good luck :slight_smile:

Stone me. How did they make the instant decision to take the fit bird rather than the student with some doubts?

Mrs J is up for this, she can cook is quite camp and would give them a right run for their money, do they provide a bike? If not any of you CBT wanabees up for loaning a bike?

they give u a custom painted helmet and ybr 125 to keep if i read correctly XD

To be honest, sounds like 30 hours max.

I’d say it can’t be done for £125 unless somebody else pays for the trip because cost of fuel in crossing the channel or on the road. How much for a passport? £77.50 Insurance? Items you must have abroad on a bike but not in the UK, sparelights, vests, road permits in some places, etc

Then again they might have stolen or black market fuel and be doing it as illegal immigrants?

Sleeping; plastic bin bag under a bush if the weathers ok. Food; road kill, steal, hunt or starve, it’s possible but not guaranteed.

A Honda C90 might give better mpg than a 125cc?

Hitch hiking would be easier.