Does Anyone Have A Chain Link Tool?


I am refurbing my bike, doing all the basic stuff and changing all the pipes/cables, painting it etc, it turns out I also need to replace the cam chain.

Does anyone have a Chain Link Extractor Tool that I could borrow for a weekend in exchange for money/drinks?! I only plan on doing the job once, and 50 quid for a tool to use once seems a bit steep!

Here is a link to the kind of thing I’d need:

I am based in Ealing but willing to travel, the bike is in a workshop in Egham so near there or on the way would be great also.


just did mine well yesterday had my splitter for years and in the 6 7 years ive had it its only snaped 1 pin that was my fault any way lool

dirty from use:P

wot it looks like when i clean it pmsl:hehe:

PM SteveCBR1100xx i STILL have his!

You may well find that the chain splitter/riveter that most people have got is too big, as i found, if they origionaly brought it to do their normal bike chain. I even tried getting a pushbike chain splitter to do it but even that was too big. I have got a KTM cam chain splitter/riveter at home that i used on my 525 when changing the piston… cost me over £100 :w00t:

Your welcome to borrow that only thing is it is back home and i wont be going back untill next weekend cause i plan on staying down here and going to the bike show this weekend.

:crying: Hopefully Dan’s will work, it says on the description, “will suit almost any size from small camchains to 632 pitch chains”, so hopefully I’ll be ok!

If not, I’ll be back begging! It’ll be after next weekend either way, so I’ll get back to you if I need more help!


You can also use an angle grinder and 2 hammers, not quite as elegant but will save £100 and does the job perfectly.

PM SteveCBR1100xx i STILL have his![/quote]memo to self…er fatboy best you go n get this back :D:D:D

Wouldnt recomend that on the cam chain, done it many atime before on my drive chain though

Good point, missed the word cam:Whistling:Must learn to read before responding…

Last minute bump!

Anyone out there have one, I am needing to do this by Monday and the only other option I have is buying on for 60 quid!



07931 561 807 if anyone can help BTW

mines a chain one so not sure if it goes small enough for cam chain im in bedfordshire though :slight_smile:

Soz dude, cant help you out before monday as im back home, could proberbly have got it to you in the week though

i got a fantastic one from saunders in knebworth for £20 - used it 3 weeks ago to do mine :slight_smile:

you welcome to borrow it but im in north herts - where ealing?

Done it. Didn’t use a chain tool - not needed.

Thanks for all offers!