Does anyone else...

Put on their leather trousers and instantly think of Right Said Fred?

I am very very glad that until the moment I opened this thread, I hadn’t thought of right said fred in about 10 years. You utter utter bastard. You should put a warning on the thread.

I think of Tom of Finland

I’m to sexy for leathers lol

Just for you old boy :wink:

Garrr damn you!!

now im in trouble of getting caught sining it in the office !!!

only plus is if i sing, hum or whistle i can earn points if others join in …

I’d be interested to learn (well, not really) how you hum a song with no real tune. Its like saying the words to ‘No Limits’…

I think of the poor slave child that stitched my trousers together , Then I think of the tanning plant with all its noxious stink .Then I think of Daisy … back on the farm … and they day she "went away " And then I go out and ride my bike not really giving a toss .

No. I think right said Rob

nope, can’t say I do.

when I put on my mankini however…

I think we saw one of Right Said Fred at Finchingfield yesterday! :smiley:

Nope. Why would I?


Although I did see Right Said Fred live back in the late 90’s, not on purpose I hasten to add - they were playing at a university end of year party thing.

I saw Richard Fairbrass later in the evening and briefly considered telling him how **** he was but didn’t fancy being remembered as ‘the guy who got his head kicked in by Right Said Fred’

You should have definatley went for it . That would have been a golden moment .

nope :crazy:

question is why would you guys take his picture? :laugh:

no, but i bet we all do now, and shame on any blokes if they also give a hip wiggle :smiley: blame Karleigh :smiley:

Who? Mad Dog? cos we luv him:)

Blame Cliff Richard :smiley:

WTF i’ve gone from this to right said fred:w00t: call me mr garrison:laugh:“i’m too sexy for my shirt”:smooooth: