Does anyone else struggle at this time of the year...

I’m practically having the shakes and going through withdrawl, BRING BACK RACING PLEASE.

I love the winter, but darts, snooker, football, and period dramas on telly… SOMEONE FIND ME A RACE TO WATCH PLEASE! :slight_smile:

Nip down to HMV or similar shop and get your hands on a BSB/WSB/GP dvd and settle down to a race or 2 per night. Alternatively get your hands on a PS3 and MotoGP and race people on-line. Works for me.

You only have to wait till Feb for the first race;)

I’ve been going through the MotoGP through my ovelFilm subscription… only went back as far as 2002 and am up to 2006 so far…WSBK am already done with the last 7 years, and BSB I’ve got and done all of them so far.

Does anyone sell MRO or Club level vids, :slight_smile:

I just want to get back into riding and bike stuff, been stuck indoors with snow and toddlers for too long! :slight_smile:

Be well all

If your a TT fan heres a good channel

all the tt you can eat

There are some satellite channels which feature camel racing.

Go to motoGP and spend a few quid on a motoGP classic subscription.

Remastered footage, there’s some good races on there.

what i missed was rossi on a 250 ive heard he would over take 3 bikes down the straight:w00t: i became a fan a year too lateanother good channel

Nice guys, much obliged
Got my bike put back together yesterday after some shamelessly lazy winter maintenance. I’ve got no garage, no shed and no shelter… I’ve been trying to put bits back onto a bike whilst sitting in snow under two poles and a canvas draped over me to keep the shite off with my fingers turning the same colour of blue you find on one of them expensive burnt metal end cans…

Its taken the edge off the lack of racing. The snow’s gone, and the bike runs again… its much better.

Oooh and found a good tip for anyone who didn’t know this already obviously. Couple of things actually:

  1. (Probably obvious but I’ve learnt now) Halfords dedicated Motorbike Engine oil 5-40W is SOOOOOO Crap you should never use it…me and the guys at SBK were looking it over and its practically water, there is ZERO viscosity… its mineral water not mineral oil its soooo thin…

  2. In these cold crappy wet conditions, check your oil cap… mine was a fraction loose and the snow/rain that was sitting on her even under the cover leeched into the oil tank. Check the inside of your oil cap for white waxy jizzy stuff… that means water in the oil (again, obvious if you already knew but hey, I’m always learning new shite like this)

  3. And this is really useful, but again obvious if you already know it. Sticking gears… chatting with the couriers in the garage, they were explaining that when you feel your gears starting to stick (iue not smooth quick click between gears) that’s a good sign you need an oil change. The viscosity is nearing degradation and it ain’t doin its job as smoothly as it should. Depending on your bike the gear change can be higher up out of the oil sump so its one of the first bits to feel the degradation… nice littel early warning system. Great tips for the eternal student in me…

But NOTHING to do with professional racin, so I’m gonna shut up now… and I’ll probably find myself moved as a consequence… :slight_smile: (One for the mods)

He was on the full factory 'prilla, it was the fastest bike on the grid.I remember him having a front wheel highside out of the last corner in one race, Harada must of thought it was xmas as he rode past to take the win.My other favourite memory of that era was the 250GP in Germany. A great 4 way dice - Rossi, Capirossi, Harada, all on factory 'prillas and a certain Jeremy McWilliams on the Queens University Belfast prilla.


I wish Garry McCoy had been given a decent bike when he was in MotoGP.

If he had been on an RC211V I reckon he’d have done the business.

He did win 3 GPs on a Yam 500, it would have been nice to see him on a decent 4stroke.

one of my fav races was a wet donington that started drying it was a 3 way rossi mc.williams and biaggi(i think)…great battle all the way to the line

or the year chris walker blew his engine to lose the bsb,infact that was just a great year for bike racing period…my first year watching:)

brands hatch wsb was electric…i was there man i see it all go down:hehe:colin edwards said he could hear the croud at cranner curves