Does anybody's R6 was stolen?

please let me know if anybody lost r6 on 03/53 plate

why? did you take it?

no been offered to me as a p/x and lad is dodgy as [email protected]

Can you waste £3 and check it against DVLA database?

I know it sounds easy but number plate can be just a copy of non recorded bike.

check it against the frame/engine number

I think the short answer to the original question asked is… it doesn’t.

The most amazing thing about the title is the fact that the apostrophe is in the right place! :smiley: (smiley face added under direction)

Yes but present and past tense used…

for somebody who can speak another 3 languages and English is 4th and less known I think that is no bad,
I feel sorry that I posted here

Hey dude, don’t worry about it, just a bit of friendly banter… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re only playing about :smiley:

Jaime only small, so if you like you could step on him :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your doing very well. 4 languages is better than one.


Don’t take it wrong, as said, we’re only messing.

sod this being nice. lets burn him! :smiley:
its witchcraft! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick, change his forum name to Wickerman!