Does anybody need to go to ikea soon?

does anyone need to buy anything from ikea soon that costs either £179 or more?

i returned a mattress this month and they gave me a refund card for £179.19 but i then went and bought a mattress from dreams instead. i dont need to buy anything from there soon so i thought if someones planning on going there they can have it and give me the cash for it. im happy to come along with somebody when you use it and to show it has money on it etc, ive still got the receipt which has card number on it too.

And I thought my appeal for a door building carpenter was a bit random.

Seriously. Bugger. A couple of weeks ago I might of been interested but the goods have now been bought and paid for.

Good idea though to post and see if anyone wants.

Give you £100 for it…
Worse a try…

sorry mate its got no expiry on it only at face value

You mean worth a try . . . and no it’s not, not at that much discount :crazy:

Keep it then… Not worth the hassle unless it is a bargain… At least on my Amex I get air miles…:wink:

I’d rather have the cash and buy something for my bike :slight_smile:

Hi Stu, I might be interested as I am moving this weekend but you might have to wait until I figure what I will need when i move in…I defo need a wardrobe of some sort…:smiley: and a lamp maybe…see how it goes and let you know monday or tuesday. Do Ikea sell laminate flooring as well??:stuck_out_tongue:

ah wicked! :slight_smile: yeah they do sell laminate flooring or at least they used to!

Do they do one way tickets back to France? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually went to ikea yesterday and bought a mattress pmsl how spooky is that!:w00t:
I could quite easily spend a fortune in ikea…no not for the furniture…for the material they sell some wicked printed fabric!:smiley:

am i being dumb but what does pmsl mean?

Yep very dumb:P P*ss myself laughing;)

i am thoroughly ashamed of myself :blush:

Nothing in Noikea is worth that much.


Gift card still available


Are the vouchers in Sterling, or can they be used in Switzerland?

ummmm…sterling maybe switzerland accepts vouchers in pounds

Founder of Ikea store haunted by Nazi past:

I’m sure this ‘objective’ piece of reporting will make a good read before you all go back to Ikea!

oi!!! im trying to sell me voucher, you’ll scare them away!:frowning: