Does anybody have this functionality on their mobile phone?

I’ve been trying to explain this to Orange but after dealing with a few idiots in Indian call centres I’ve decided to wait until Monday to give the locals a chance.
Basically I need emails send to a chosen email address ie. [email protected] to be received on my phone as a text message.
This would utilise an SMS messaging gateway and it looks like they do/did do it.

Has anybody got this functionality on their phone?


Not as a text, but I receive all my emails straight to my iPhone. It sets off a tone and lets me know they are there, and downloads regularly from my email account.

I also run multiple accounts, so I never miss an email.

No good, I need it as described for a specific service.


I’ve heard of voicemails being dictated to text, but that was a paid service. never heard of email > text

O2 definitely do this. You configure it through the member’s area on the website, have you looked in the members area on the Orange one?

email to sms is a bit old hat these days… I doubt any of the main networks would really support it. This company does it but it will cost you…

Orange wouldn’t do it for nothing, they charge for everything. Never heard of them doing email 2 text, (after 10 years with them). The emails use to look like text on the older phones (before the iphones - 5+ years ago). Shouldn’t be getting through to India tho.

Finally got it working through their email section on their website. It sends the alert within ten seconds but it’s merely a text alert you receive it doesn’t tell you the whole message.


Have you tried
Free trial offered
Good luck