does any1 still do blackheath?

not been in a while as the bikes been off the road and havnt had time.
does any1 actually still go black heath on a wens night?
specifically tonight? lol

It’s become an Institution

As in, it’s full of crazy people?

That too

there are other groups that go there too. BH is always dead in winter due to the open elements. I doubt any LB go there at the mo

just got back from there;)

You can go there if you want but first you have to make a post on here about how you have decided to leave LB

And be a bum boy:)


Hey now that RR has left, does that mean I can rock up without being abused :smiley:

4 people went there from borough market tonight at least

was only about 10 at most when i was there who owned the Chinese (think Chinese?) cbr125 looking bike?

That’s Cameron. Not sure what his screen name is…

That’ll be XTR Cam - Chinesse 125 also seen in the back of two tone blue and rust Ford estate :wink:

cheers :smiley:

What bike was you on?

Art what? you on about when we had to recover it? my dads escort isn’t that rusty

It’s a Ford thing they’re all two tone whatever and rust, and yes I have a Ford too

I’m always dogging on the heath…

haha fairplay xD