Dodgy Yamaha TMax seller on Gumtree

After having my TMax stolen last June, I kept an eye on a few websites for a second hand replacement TMax and this morning this guy just posted two ads on Gumtree:

Given the mileage, I didn’t think the price was so good but sent him a text anyway asking him where he’s based.
The guy called me after 5 minutes, definitely not English (probably eastern European), I could barely understand what he was trying to say but I understood he’s based in Clapham and has 3 TMax to sell with different mileage. I said I could go see them over the weekend as I’m at work all day and he started putting pressure on me…

I don’t know, I might be overly suspicious, but he sounded very dodgy. What can one do to check those are not stolen bikes? Ask for the reg number?


Ask to see the V5, check if it’s genuine, and check the VIN numbers against the ones stamped on the chassis

Or get a hpi check from the reg number

Doesn’t sound dodgy at all, I know many foreign mechanics/dealers with more than one motorcycle for sale…you are just being overly suspicious as you have had yours stolen.

Sellers usually try to put some sort of pressure on you, I did when I sold my other motorbike.

If it’s gumtree then it’s usually dodgy.

There is a lower mileage one with lower price sitting outside J&S New Malden.

+1… Gumtree offers no protection. Some could argue that Ebay is no better but at least some basic checks are done on sellers. Gumtree doesn’t offer any checks.

Yes, Gumtree offers no buyer protection and yes Gumtree is easier for dodgy people to use, that doesnt mean every listing and every user is dodgy. I have used it to sell my bicycles, motorbikes and other bits and bobs, its free, easy and fast.