Dodgy road works van

Well just looked outside to see if i can park my bike outside my house to find this van outside not only is it in a disabled bay but its parked the trailer out into the road and to make things worse its leaking fuel at a fast rate all over the road where i always park.

say i park up once its gone and bin it do i contact them or the council?

I’d contact the council now, personally, rather than wait for someone to fall off.

Go one better, call the police and tell them there is a vehicle with a dangerous load, leaking fuel onto the road, and request a traffic unit! :wink:

+1 - phone the police see if they’ll come and lift it. Leaking … disabled bay … sticking out into the road … but my favourite is the registration wrote on the back in pen :laugh: maybe a bloke who has an old trailer and is taking some stuff to the tip - you’d sort of understand … but a commercial vehicle thinking that it’s okay?!?

just got off the phone to my local station they are getting someone out tonight

shame also if they try to drive away as well tonight as not lights fitted to trailer …

just be wary if your bike is parked behind it still

my brothers little ybr125 is parked near it gonna let him know to shift it before he finds it on its side

Good luck with getting it sorted babydoll :slight_smile:

theyve done a runner so hope the cops dont think im lying atleast ive got the pictures to show them;)

They’d be able to follow it up if they wanted to … that trailer is only used with that vehicle (you’d assume), so they just need to see who owns the van and pay them a visit, to find it parked outside leaking?

I agree with Mr-C, doing this every day as a matter of course deserves a police call.

I hope you called the council to come stick some sand down on that diesel:w00t:

contacted the council about it they said they are gonna fix the holes from the sides stands aswell result

did you contact the police? you have photos also as evidence:)