Dodgy or not what do you guys think

Been looking on ebay for a set of hot grips. I came across these now they are by far the cheapest BIN oxford one’s by nearly £20

so what you think, going by his feed back they are ligit?

but you know what they say if it is to good to be true it probably is…

seems ok to me…they were that price not long ago :slight_smile:

Yeah looks ok to me. They have posted an address and say they accept returns too. Plus the feedback is very positive. I’ve bought headphones and a lazer mouse from similar adds to this and they turned up fine. If they were a tenner I’d be more concerned.

As far as I can see, it’s the old versions that are £45, 2010 models usually seem to be £70.

I got mine for that price, including delivery from M&P recently, they were doing a promotion. They arent the snazzy sports looking ones, just normal grips, like these.

They are the new ones (I believe) with the electronic controller as opposed to the turn switch.

Function over form!

Still on at this price if you prefer guarantee and peace of mind


For £5 extra, you can get them from Argos$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:0382371%7Ccat:Car+Equipment+And+Accessories

With that said, if you spend one more penny to make it £50 you’ll get a free £5 voucher for free from argos £10 if you spend £100 or more

Voucher is valid for 3 months (or something) not a year so get spending before it expires. I had one expire and I was gutted.