Dodgy LondonBikers Twitter Message

Hello LondonBikers admins. Do you care to explain this?
I received it a moment ago on twitter.

The link is fake and takes you to a fake Twitter login page to try and steal your password.

Twitter = 5hitter.

Uh oh, looks like something has been pwned. Either the LB Twitter account or someone who has access to it.
Either that or you have pissed off a mod :ermm:

Lol I saw that as a possibility. But looking at some of their recent tweets, I believe they have indeed been hacked.

They need to sort it out because the untrained will fool for these.

It certainly looks that way.
Hope they don’t have the keys to the forum accounts too…

Hacked account? Isn’t that obvious?

No, it’s not so obvious when it’s a “direct message” with no other contacts CC’d in.

Also we established it was hacked a few posts ago. So big thanks for repeating that Captain Obvious.

cheers guys. password changed

sorry for inconvenience.

teach me rush around clicking stuff without checking

I got one too… Binned it.

Isn’t the Twitter the bit between tha [email protected] and the shitter? :ermm:

Makes no difference.
Did you honestly expect spam from Andrew (who has access to the LB Twitter account?), really?

Thanuck you Captain You Tube/ London road user complainer.
Don’t come back on here after ages with something so obvious to someone so familiar with the internet.

Seriously, forgive me for repeating what someone had already said, honestly.


Premises187 (24/01/2013)

mightlife (24/01/2013)

No Jamie that’s a chin rest. :smiley:

Am I automatically supposed to know who Andrew is?
I’ve never spoken to Andrew before. So how am I supposed to know about his role with twitter?
(No offence Andrew you sound like a great guy)

Perhaps you should look at the positive here… action was taken shortly after the topic was posted!
Password was changed and the twitter side of LondonBikers is safe once again.
What did you contribute? That’s right, fk all! Just a butthurt comment that was no doubt motivated by your personal dislike for my channel.

“Get out of my town!” Ok Sheriff Mightlife! Last time I read the forum rules I could come and go as I pleased, so deal with it.
Also if it was as obvious as you make out then why wasn’t the problem fixed earlier?

Talking about YouTube, I see you’ve made an attempt at a channel. Intro videos, blogs and even a ‘my accident video’ boo hoo… what a failure it was.

Hehe (trololol)

Sheriff mightlife - I like the sound of that.

Well, at least your back on LB and I have had a couple more views on my YT vids.

BTW: andrew&7 - editor and owner of LB (last time I checked the ‘about us’ page).


‘I wouldn’t let it lie!’

I don’t see my channel as a failure, nor a success. I’m not seeking fame or legions of subscribers.
The accident was certainly a failure of mine, and yes, boo hoo, it fucking hurt and cost me in many ways, so yea, boo hoo :frowning: