Dodgy Dealer

I bought a bike from a Yamaha dealer, Motorcycle Store in Shepherds Bush. They sold me a bike without telling me it was category D write-off. I’ve just found out nearly 2 years after I bought it. I’m wondering what is the law about telling customers about Cat D? Also what can I do against the dealer if anything? I’ve got the feeling I’ve been ripped off and lied too and took the bike as in good condition. Any advice?

My understanding is so long as they didn’t misrepresent it by claiming it wasn’t a repaired write off or lied about it if you asked them, then unfortunately it’s a case of buyer beware, hence HPI checks.

Bull! By not divulging the information they’re misrepresenting the sale. It’s a difficult slog ahead of you if you decided to proceed, but if they haven’t given you paperwork telling you it was a CatD then you may stand a chance. If of course you’re talking about the bike that you recently had ripped off then you’ve got no chance because there is no proof as it’s being sold bit by bit on eBay.