Dodged a bullet on the way home

On my way home I was filtering, as ya do … On the approach to a zebra, which I never filter on I pulled alongside the offside of the car near the zebra and was waiting for the traffic to move off so I could join the stream …at this point the traffic was stationary for a while …then crunch !!! The car sitting beside me jumped forward and straight in the car in front … Wow that was the gap I was gonna pull into … The woman jumped out ran to the car in front and said “sorry my foot slipped off the clutch” the recipient of said whack said “oh don’t worry about it” and never even looked for any damage … I actually pulled over thinking they would pull over and I would witness but they both pissed off … I’m putting the lotto on … Someone’s looking out for me …AL…

None of them were insured😉

Possibly the recipient wasn’t … The other car was a brand new vw up

some plank on his phone went into the back of my old banger of a car once… i didn’t bother claiming, sometimes it isn’t worth the hassle because it would still have been an accident on my insurance

very lucky escape though, prime example of why filtering is and should be legal in other countries

and there was me thinking you survived an actual shoot out.   bah.

Any things possible I ride through elephant, walworth rd, camberwell and Norwood :joy:

Good to hear you’re here to scare us Alf.

Aaawwww it’s not really that bad around here :joy::joy: but some of the drivers are knobs :joy::joy: