Doc Browns Delorean Spotted


it was me :smiley:

I couldnt get my one to fly… so I just opted for a raised seating position :smiley:


i actually seen a delorean the other day round corner from where i live, very unusual to see one on the road

I wonder how much they are?!.. were they actually a good car at the time the film was made?

That’s my dads delorean!! :wink:

Where do u live?

your dad is Doc Brown!?

your dads got a delorean?!!?


a good one is around 30 grand…

they were crap when they came out (good idea badly executed)

Ive got a fascination with them as they were built in Northern Ireland, for the American market, and my grandad yrs ago worked at a petrol station near where they built them, and had dozens of them in everyday!

Ps, i live in Surrey

There’s one that used to be parked up covered in green mold in Chelsea, would have been rusting if it was any other car. When I was earning better money I considered telling them it was a tragedy having it just sitting there and trying to buy it…

Yup mad as a hatter :w00t:

your dad IS cool!! :cool:

What we did to a colleagues car the day he left!

I wish this guy would finally sort out his flying car … can’t believe its been 7 years since this “test flight”! Think he’s been working on the ideas for like 30yrs already!!

Get him to bring it down to BMM!!! :D:D:D:D

Having met her dad and sat in the aforementioned DeLorean I can honestly say, yep, he certainly is! :w00t:

Your dad is my HERO!

Bet the Delorean meet at the Ace is a quiet affair?!?

When Bikergirl took us down to Goodwood and introduced us to her Dad and his DeLorean, seemed to be an alight petrol head to me, I think there were 7 or 8 other DeLorens in the line up there.