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Below is theemail I sent to Paul Styles, a partner at Dobles, on Saturday. It’s easier to copy and paste the email than to explain it all from scratch.

And once again, he hasn’t bothered to reply. He’ll quite happily talk over the phone, but it seems as though putting it in writing is not something he likes doing.

I love his comment about Steve Jordans trying to discredit Dobles. My bike has been back and forth to their workshop 4 times, and they still couldn’t put the suspension back together properly, or weld a stand. You don’t need others to discredit you, you’re doing a fine job of it yourself!!

Paul Styles has known about the issues since the first visit and has taken no interest what-so-ever. Yet, as soon as I mention a refund, he’s all ears. Bcause his service manager doesn’t work on Saturdays, he wants me to take the bike to them, leave it with them, then pick it back up again (140 mile round trip). I’ve asked him what he intends to do with it while it’s there, as I don’t want them laying another finger on the suspension, but got no answer.

And yes, I should have taken it to Steve Jordans in the first place, I don’t need telling thanks:angry:

They sold Dev a bike with unsafe brakes so this post doesn’t surprise me at all :

Mr-C (26/10/2010)

They sold Dev a bike with unsafe brakes so this post doesn’t surprise me at all :[/quote]

“unsafe brakes”

Those are two words you never want to appear together.

They sold my friend a cbr125 that revved when the bike was full lock right

What’s happened to the replies that were posted? The mods have been nobbled by Dobles:P

I’ve no axe to grind either way but just interested…did you take the bike straight back when you first realised there was a problem. If it felt dangerous when you rode off on it then I’d guess you probably did but if you left it for a few days/weeks before going back they might be able to claim it had been tampered with after they had worked on it?

When I first collected the bike it was raining heavily so I went straight onto the M25. The rear felt really soggy but it was only when I came off the motorway and onto a drier, twisty road that I realized how bad it felt so phoned them up as soon as I got home.
I had them do a full report on what was wrong with the work carried out, just in case I needed to fall back on it in the future.

Blimey, sounds bad.

I took my old CBR to Dobles for all it’s servicing and all but on one occasion everything was done spot on.
I only had one problem with them which they quickly resolved free along with an apology from the servicing bloke.

Yep, after a couple of incidents (although minor) with them I’ve decided to give P&H motorcycles in Crawley ago. The last straw was when I noticed while paying for my service I could see my bike in the service area parked on top of another bike. I decided to take a quick snapshot with my phone in case there was any damage. This oike came out to fetch my bike and was leaning over it with a fag hanging out of his gob, picked the bike off it’s stand bumping it into the other bike. He spat the fag out swearing under his breath and managed to lever the other bike out of the way. I’m not one for complaining as I normally vote with my feet.

Their service area parking area is huge why they negligently park on top of each other I don’t know. I think I’ll give the others ago, it’s a pity as Doble are easier to get about after dropping the bike off ie. train station is just there whereas P and H you’re in the middle of nowhere.




I must say that I have never had an issue with Dobels. I have dealt with Paul before. His alrite really. At the end of the day they are a buisness and a big one in terms of motorcycle dealers so obviously they need to make profit like any bike shop in the world.

It don’t matter what shop you go to people will always have an issue come up with any dealer but dobels are big I think Paul will help you out

If you rang him up and talked over with him I think he would deffo help you out…He done me a good deal on my bike when I took it in there I must say he said he would beat any deal I could find. And he was a man of his word. He did and had it turned around the same day. I didn’t have to buy it from them. He don’t seem to lordy! about I must say.

I did speak to him over the phone, his first reaction was to suggest that Steve Jordan’s were trying to discredit Dobles, he then went on to insist that he ‘wouldn’t be held responsible’ for the stand snapping if the bike was being maneuvered on the side stand when it happened (it wasn’t). He was only concerned with deflecting blame away from Dobles workmanship, even though he knew the bike had been in 4 times due to the suspension c0ck-ups. I’ve sent him photos showing the welding hadn’t even penetrated the stand properly but he hasn’t bothered to reply.
I’ve dealt with Paul in the past, when I was looking to buy a new bike, and his attitude was completely different. The test of a good dealer is how they react when problems arise, most of them are great when you’re actually buying from them.
And I agree, obviously they need to make a profit, but sh1t workmanship from the workshop and a bad attitude when they are called to account for the work isn’t going to help them make a profit. If they can’t do suspension work then don’t bullsh1t the customer by telling them that they can, I’d have much more respect for them if they’d been honest from the start (like B on LB was when I asked him about taking the forks apart).

No surprises

I bought my first bike cbr125 Brand new from Dobles back in August 2008, they charged me for my first service even though it was meant to be Free - but hey running water under the bridge, I paid & let it go - but already dubious about them.

come July 2009, I was involved in a hit & run accident, bike was written off by insurers and insurers provided me with a new 09 cbr sourced out from Dobles.

Paper work got sorted and Dobles delivered me the replacement bike. When I went to take it out, just before i set off I found the Front brake lever pulling all the way into the handle bar - it didnt feel right.

With all the stress from my accident i thought it was me and set off down the road regardless, its then i knew My front brakes were not working at all. I relied on my back brakes to stop me and turn back home.

Next day after checking in at Chiswick Honda (literally a minute from where i work), I wanted to see how the Front brake felt on their display CBR125, i knew instantly that there was def something wrong with the bike.

I called Dobles, their response was the bike is new and brake pads have to bed in before its working properly. I tried explaining the situation but as far as they were concerned the bike had been test ridden and it was ok - which was strange! They did say i could return the bike BUT IF nothing was found wrong with the bike I Personally would be responsible for the cost of labour+delivery.

Also note, there was only 2/3miles on the clock when i got it, and having checked the PDI/inspection sheet…the test ride section wasnt even signed!

anyway I figured that even if i were to send it back to them they would probably fix the problem and deny that there even was a problem - i mean its serious enough they let a bike with ineffective Front brakes leave the store.

I’m very lucky that one top bloke on this forum came over to mine and spent the evening bleeding that front brake out, till the bike was ridable again.

with all the stress i was going through at the time, i didnt have the energy to complain to Honda’s head office - I wish I had but i didnt want to waste my energy on Dobles anymore. :frowning:

I know exactly what you mean mate, it’s so frustrating that there comes a point where it’s less stress to just put it down to experience. But being a (skint) tightwad, I don’t see why I should be left £200 out of pocket because I’ve had to pay someone else to fix their mistakes.

Try calling Consumer Direct for advice.

Fair enough if they ain’t helped you out then lets just say there a shite dealership then…You tried speaking to Mike Dobel?

**** em anyway…

Tell paul to save his breathe he needs it to blow his girlfriend up.

Good salesman…Reminds me a big of a “Double glazing sales man”

Shitee aftersales service …DOBEL MOTORCYCLES BE ASHAMED. I THINK I WILL BUY MY NEW BLADE FROM KENT MOTORCYCLE INSTEAD NOW…and my dad…theres your sales down x2 for next year…

same old story dam good at sales no good for service and when things brake down

now where is there good decent place just for bike serviceing and repairs, has to be the non franchise boys i think main dealers service depts just want it easy oh sorry sir well will have to replace that it costs 995.99p sir where as the non franchise boys might be more willing to repair for 300 quid coz they have no sales parts targets

Kent Motorcycle’s, aka H’s are brilliant! Very highly recommended. :slight_smile:

Just to update, Dobles have now given me a cheque to cover the amount I paid to Steve Jordan’s. They have also assured me that steps have been taken to ensure that this will not happen again. Paul Styles also offered me a discount on anything in store, which I haven’t taken him up on.
Though I might, given how cold it was riding to work this morning:w00t:

Glad to see thats sorted.

Score one for the little guy!

Whats the betting someone at Dobles read this…:wink: