Do you wear blinkers?

Do you drive on the road wearing blinkers, like a horse, to
make sure you cannot see anything scary to the left or right,
and while we’re at it, ditch the rear view mirrors too, in
case anything behind you distracts you too?

No of course you don’t*

So why do so many of you use your PC** with these settings?Do not show hidden files and foldersDo not show the contents of system foldersHide extensions of known file typesHide protected operating system files (Recommended)

Don’t be a horse, be a human !

Take off the blinkers and use rear view mirrors, in other
words, change your PC settings so you can operate it
properly, so you can see and be a better driver.

Why does Microsoft treat us like horses, as though
we’ll be scared to see what’s there? Other Operating
Systems assume computer users are human.

  • Unfortunately seems like some (car) drivers do!

** default XP settings for Windows Explorer, I’m
sure Windows 7 is similar.

Because your avarage PC user does not need to see all the hidden files and folders and will more than likely stuff up their system when the start to stick their nose in those parts of their PC.

Pretty obvious i would think.

Do hidden files pull out without indicating and knock me off my PC?

Have you ever used a Mac? From experience one of the main reasons that so many people that I know have gone over to Macs (other than the indefatigable Apple marketing machine steadily drip feeding the need to purchase expensive shiny things with fruit logos into their brains) is that it neatly hides all the nasty, complicated and confusing stuff that goes on in the mechanics of operating systems. Or as Apple has taught them to say: “it just works!”. Most people don’t need or want to see all the stuff that Apple/MS hide behind the scenes, in the same way that you don’t need to see the wiring loom of your bike - you just want to flick a switch and the headlight comes on.

However, I would argue that Linux treats you like a human - specifically, a human who has nothing better to do than to think quite hard about how to get something to work :wink:

I lol’ed :smiley:

+1 vfrchris and sookie

Love the linux description, spot on!

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