Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

Jiffy Lube seems to be some popular vehicle service company in America.

Americans are crazy, they get served BUCKETS of coke lol

Lucky for me my Dad’s a mechanic so I never have to worry about stuff like that, I know you shouldn’t promote such things here but if anyone needs a GOOD mechanic in the SW area let me know :slight_smile:

I take my bike to OMC and diy it. I know that I’ve done everything it should need:)

It happens all over …

When I managed a fleet of Fords I had items invoiced from several main dealers across the country for work that was not carried out. Now I can accept that a 2 hour labour charge invoiced at 20 hours could possible have been an input error, but not invoicing for work that was not carried out! Like the £1000.00 for leaf springs and suspension parts not fitted, excuse was they ran out of time on the booking but had the parts there ready to fit and forget to tell us. Then there was £900 for a fuel pump that failed after 1000 miles, excuse was they had to order the new pump in so they did a temporary repair on the faulty pump and mistakenly invoiced us before fitting it. The best had to be the spark plugs, HT leads and coil pack not fitted to one of our diesel Escorts, no excuse offered other than it could have been a clerical error.

The list could go on and on, if you want it doing properly do it yourself. If you don’t have the skills or equipment check all invoiced items and labour charges very carefully.

Do i trust my mechanic?

no - its me.

why not promote him? if he’s good stick a praise post up in the praise and shame section with his contact details in. also if he’s mobile, has his own workshop, what bikes he specialises in (if applicable)…

technically good, honest mechanics are worth their weight in my opinion :slight_smile: