Do you suffer with these complaints?

I was watching Simpsons, the one where homer tries to claim disability for weighing over 300lbs :D, he was reading a book called ‘Am I disabled?’ Anyway, i’m bored so i googled that phrase, and got directed to a page called disablilty rights or something like that, and found this paragraph:

The DDA does not include…
The DDA says the following conditions are not disabilities:
• a tendency to start fires or steal
• exhibitionism
• voyeurism
• a tendency to inflict physical or mental abuse
• addictions to substances such as alcohol and nicotine (tobacco) are excluded from the definition

So… in short, if you are an exhibitionist you CANNOT claim disability allowance. :w00t::smiley:

I get a small allowance for my w.anking addiction.

It keeps me in man sized tissues.