Do You Stumble?

Do any of you out there use Stumble Upon?

I like it but when I set it to look at Motorcycle stumbles only, it’s pretty $hite, so if you do Sumble, please start adding some decent pages coz I is bored of looking at American Choppers ( :blush: )

For the Technophobes out there, this is what Stumble Upon is all about.

I do the humour stumble :smiley: Awesome

Great widget for Firefox!

Found some cool stuff with it. :cool:

I wonder did any current members Stumble Upon LB?

Yeah - I use it with firefox - comes up with some awesome stuff which I then Digg, blog, Tweet and share on facebook, coz thats the way my Web 2.Flows :smooooth:

The main LB site had been stumbled but the Forum home page hadn’t, so I Stumbled it yesterday :smiley:

I used to use it many many years ago, and most of what I Stumbled was total crap.

youd be suppried to hear i have never used it :ermm:
my spam is my own! :cool: