Do you sometimes carry your bike security chain & lock like a weapon belt?

I.e. when you ride somewhere do you put your security chain over your head and one arm and carry it across your chest?

Only reason I ask is in two fatal accidents that were presented as case studies at the recent BikeSafe day I attended, this was the cause of death… In the one the chain cut the guy’s throat - he might’ve survived otherwise and in the other he would probably have died anyway but was made certain by the chain eviscerating him.

Just a thought to any of you that do carry your chain in this manner; if you come off, the combination of soft flesh and bone and hardened steel don’t go well.

sorry for the morbid thoughts but the case studies have really stuck with me.

good shout! I have done it once… Wont again…scratched my tank!!

Never done it, told even carrying it in a rucksack wouldn’t do your back any good if you come off.

kriega tail pack.

buy an almax chain and you can get one free i think.