Do you name your motorbike?

Do you name your motorbike?

This is a question i asked on and i got some varied responses.

Every time i buy a bike/car, part of the fun for me is thinking of what to call it. My latest bike, a red/black GSXR1000 is called Joanie and part of the fun is being able to tell people that i spent the whole weekend riding Joanie. Or that i had to give Joanie a good wash because she’s a dirty girl. :wink:

So, anyone else on here name their steeds? Or do ya all think i’m crazy. :w00t:

nope not ta all duckie, i call my Sprint Shiela, and my ccm is called Vixen…:stuck_out_tongue:


It is lame.

boring fukka very wise…:w00t:

I usually do but havent with my gixxer, cant find nothing to suit it,… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes) I named my car as well. She is a girl)) Her name is Fishy)) :smiley: Coz she “floating” very soft) :hehe::hehe::hehe:
So I don’t think, that u r crazy)

Good names! :slight_smile:

And thanks for not thinking i’m nuts.

I owned a light metallic green ford Focus that was called…are you ready for it…“Fish Puke”. Now just to be clear, that was a name my missus chose. Her reason? Well, she said that if a fish was swimming aorund the ocean and it did not feel to good, and then had to throw up…then the colour of that puke would be the same as the colour of out car. :slight_smile:

Hurrah for other peeps that name their cars/motorbikes!!!

Why did u buy that colour?)) You must love ur transport)) Overwise what the point to buy it?))

I think we can safely say that i DID NOT buy that car because of the colour. :slight_smile:

It was a good deal so the colour did not make that bog a difference to me…but i would NEVER do that when buying a motorbike.

Me bike’s named Selene

my bike is named lil whitey…simple as that coz its in white colour…:stuck_out_tongue:

“The B1tch”

Lil whitey, B1tch, Selene, Fishy, Shiela and Vixen.

All great names guys and girls.

bike = rhonda

car = benson

big van = big barry

little van = little larry

Ive never had a bike that I named.

My R6, lovely bike. Looked amazing, spent 100’s on it and many miles but never got to the point of naming it. I had a few issues with it over the few years of owning it and had fallen out of love with it - hence the sale!

Now KaTie (my new to me, KTM 625smc) on the other hand…cor…WHAT A BIKE!!! may not look the business or be everyones idea of a good bike but feck me…its a riders bike! none of that relaxing behind a Busa screen or relying on a Blades ‘userfreindlyness’ This bike really rides well and already has a personality. I looka t her and want to ride her. Plus i also get the saddistic FB posts: “cant wait to ride KaTie later!” She earnt her stripes on the BCR already!!! Booooom!!!

Got the SM bug - Cant wait to get a full-on EXC KTM.

La Niña

No, cos its a fucking Motorbike!

But it’s so much more than a motorbike.

It’s a passion, it’s freedom, it’s pure joy. It’s the excitement of deciding what bike to buy next, and then the hours spent searching for the perfect one. It’s spending way too much money on it and all the paraphernalia that goes along with motorcycling. It’s popping your first wheelie and getting your knee down on that local round about. It’s meeting other like-minded people who would help you out at a moments notice even if they don’t know you that well.

This is why i proudly name my bike.

But its a sh1t GSXR :D:w00t::hehe: