Do you lose No Claims bonus if your bike is not continuously insured?

Hi Guys,

My insurance runs out tonight but I dont want to buy a new one right away as I want to call and check terms and conditions tomorrow.
Will I lose my No Claims Bonus if the bike is not continuously insured?


Yes, if it is two years or more, but I think it stands for a short amount of time, though not sure of what it is, just know I lost all mine when it was two years.

When I had to take a break from big bikes for a couple of years I bought a cheap scooter frame with V5 and insured that just to keep my NCB running.

So is it OK to have a gap of couple of days? The telephone lines are closed now so cant check with anyone.
I just wanted to check with them if they cover me to ride other private motorcycles with the owners permission. If yes, then I can just insure it right away.

A couple of days will be fine mate.

Thanks Mate!

It’s 2 years AFAIK

AFAIK??? I guess it means you lose it if the gap is more than 2 years?


OK! Just confirmed with the insurance guys that a gap of 2 years is acceptable to retain your No Claims Bonus. Some companies allow up to 3 years.
Thanks for the quick responses yesterday. It put my mind to rest.