do you know this manufacturer: H..?? help needed

Yesterday afternoon i saw two identical bikes on Euston road, small naked city bikes with a vague “classic” design, had the impression they were new bikes so maybe maybe one of those chinese replica, they had the manufacturer name in huge letters on the tank and the first letter was H… any idea which manufacturer maybe?


Possibly Hyosung?

Not Chinese though - Korean.

was not hyosung, shorter name and was written in bigger letters on the tank.

thanks for the effort though!!

Try this list of bike manufacturers.

Honda!!! :w00t:

sorry had to get that one in… :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Hero Honda? Indian not chinese. They have an H on tank - or try google images for Hero Honda

maybe the H was the second letter, maybe it was a $hitter

love them names, they just don’t roll off the tounge do they…

ahahahahahahahaha Hanglong :stuck_out_tongue:

middle name anyone :D:laugh: