Do you know this GPS for £120???? Sounds 2 good 2 be true. I'm confused dot com

I’m not a seller or anything. Just looking for gps for reasonablle money

Anybody got one like this?

Any feedback?


i use one of these

with my phone or one of my dads car satnav’s if u have a car satnav just get one of these if you dont have a word with dan gt he will sort you out =]

Thanks but every time I take my car satnav my fiancee calls for directions from Lakeside TK MAXX to sheperds bush WESTFIELDS :))))))

need separate device

thanks for a link

Never heard or seen this product before.
The company (one man band) selling it is based in Tot Crt Road so see if you can pop in and have a demo?

Or stump up the extra £60 and get a tom tom rider - I think there’s a review up on the main site.

Or you could get a cheap car sat nav from me and get the waterproof mount. PM me if you want to know what I have.

First trip in march so will keep an eye on ebay.

Thanks Dan GT. will contact if needed

I’ve seen these before on DHgate a while ago for like $60 with free delivery to the UK, the reviews on there didn’t look too good to be honest, hence why I didn’t order them for selling on

I got myself one of these from eBay and found it to be really good and it works with any sat nav

No worries mate.

Did you end up buying one of these mate?

I have the same and the retaining/release clip snapped within a week. They sent me a whole new kit next day delivery though. that one is still going strong 1 year on. you just need to not be hamfisted with it :slight_smile:

no. I bought garmin on ebay for £160.00

used but with all accesories and 2012 maps uk & europe