Do you have room for a Teesside Biker?

theirs a few teessidebikers hiding on here :wink:

Hi hi Clogge,

Do you ride up and down every week? Or do you leave the bike down here in London and travel another way?

I’m going to be doing some work for a customer in Newcastle, a few trips for a few days at a time. Usually I’d fly up there (I live near Heathrow), but I’ve been debating riding up - be nice to have the bike up there, and I’m sure there are some spectacular routes I could take. I’d plan to spend most of Monday traveling out and Friday traveling back, so plenty of time to take it easy and have a nice ride. So – any thoughts on good routes? Or do you always get the train or fly and think it’s mad to ride? :slight_smile:

(Oh and welcome to LB).


Hi Clogge

Welcome welcome

Was good chatting to you the other night with Franco (R1 Franc)

Lookin forward to seeing you again


Roads without tight bends for Simon…:wink:

Tight bends are just fine…as long as I read the signs!

As with so many things to do with my riding, that was down to rider error :wink:

:w00t: hi there chicken :stuck_out_tongue:

hi Simon, i take the train as i have to carry all my gear and that’s the easiest (client facing job, so not always a good image to turn up on a bike :frowning:

if you fancy riding up one day, i recommend to do so early morning, when the traffic is clear, should be doable-ish in 3.5 hours i think (car drivers around here are a bit thick and don’t think to look for bikes :crazy:). we have lots and lots of great roads around here… if ever you are staying for the weekend, you are very welcome to join teesside bikers on our epic rides out!

it’s not mad to ride at all, some of the crazy people on my local forum go to the ace cafe for “the day” lol