Do you have room for a Teesside Biker?

Hi everyone,

It was great meeting some of you last night at Borough market. I was the shy :wink: girl from the north-east…

my friends call me Clogge, as I am orginally Dutch. I started a new job in London a couple of months ago, and have been looking for some biker buddies, so I am really glad to have found you guys!

My bike is an Aprilia Shiver 750… don’t you just LOVE Italian bikes

I promise to mail some pictures and list of modifications of my sexy baby over the next few days… for now, just though to say Hi!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: , if your working and or living in the smoke why not, at least I don’t think there’s any one who would not allow it (they let me in lol).

I Saw you talking with francR1 last night as I was leaving if i’m not mistaken

yeah, that was probably me!

see you next time no doubt.

Of course, we have room for everyone here!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB

Ahoi there,

came across a few Teesside bikers in France not far from Dunkirk at a Service stop in March, well basically I was about to leave when they arrived. Mates of yours by chance? :slight_smile:

And welcome to the big smoke that is London. You’ll probably notice soon that riding in London is quite a thing for itself :wink:

I do love Italian bikes when they work! :crazy: lol, welcome to the forum

Good speaking to you last night, though fleetingly as Stuart and myself were the last to leave. Catch you down there soon.


Hi Clogge & welcome :slight_smile:

Clogge, you know Naughty Lee?

say hi from me when you see him

tell him Alba says he must have got rid of his chicken strips by now…:smiley:

Hello and welcome. I used to live in Teesside, top road from Stokesley :slight_smile:

Hi clogge, I was the one who come to say hi, we went back up to the Ace last night, welcome to LB! :smiley:

lol - who does not know naughtly lee!!

i’ll pass on the message - will let you know his reply…hahaha…

we are out at a party tomorrow eve, so i’ll be sure to mention it!

hi cgb, bet you miss the north yorkshire moors and the helsmley tt!

my favourite, even though i am on a few times on a month!

thanks for your nice welcome everyone, i sure will get around to working out how to quote people on here…

yep Herr Schmidt the guys who you met at dunkirk, were carlos, dayglodave, glen, the girls include gracie, shirley and sexysid…and a few other of my mates… i was meant to be on that trip too, but was made redundant and was worried i wouldn’t have any money… but yeah, that’s how i now ended up in london during week days!

tell Naughy Lee that i’m on holiday in august, and will possibly plan a trip around his neck of the woods…would love to ride around the yorkshire dales again!

hi Alba, had a word with the lads… lol - they ALL remember you, not just naughty lee!

Lee never commented on your question about chicken strips, but the guys mentioned they loved the banter… and lee remember the trips to nuremberg and spain… and he is sending over a big kiss!

when you are up north, are you bringing any mates from london up? we all meet in the pitstop cafe in stockton now. tuesday’s is bikenight, but lee virtually lives at the pitstop (we call it hq :)) we’ll set something up for you to meet the gang! i am always there saturday and sunday morning before my rides out.


i’ll maybe bring someone, will most definitively pop on the website to say hello first its been a long time :slight_smile: