Do you get some extra money from riding?


Just been thinking how many of you, if any, do some extra part time jobs on the bikes?
Well, since I passed my full license and since I am riding on my old Fazer I’d love to get some nice and decent bike. There is one simple problem, my full time job isn’t well paid… When I think that I will have to save few years untill I’ll be able to spend few grands on the nice bike is making me feel a bit depressed. Been even thinking about getting some personal loan but it has been refused, which makes me feel even worse. It wasn’t a big amount, don’t know why my credit rating might be not good, I’m having phone on contract for more than two years (never missed a payment), I had one finance before which I paid already, I’m making regular payments on my credit card…

I am pretty much sure that if a small personal loan has been refused to me I won’t be able ton get a bike on finance too, so the only way to get myself a nice bike quicker will be some extra job. I’d love to do overtimes in my work now, I could get nice money out of it but my company is not giving overtimes to people with full time contracts if it is not absolutely necessary.

I am just wondering if any of you are doing similar thing with spare time? If yes, then what do you do? Do you work as a courier or just a pizza/food delivery man? Is it worth it?

Just sign upto Equifax and check your credit rating and you will see what the problem is, it will also give you lenders that will accept your level.

Strange, just signed up for a free trial on Equifax, my credit score is 497, which is in ‘excellent’ area. In my credit report the only thing that is poor is my Electoral Roll. Don’t know exactly why, I am not English and I think it is why I am not entitled to vote? Or maybe I just don’t understand the meaning of this section.

You could use the bike to commute to Hampstead Heath and then make some money offering rides to passing gentlemen :smiley:

is that how you make money on the side :wink:

No, I prefer loan sharking :cool:

If you are from EU, you are entitled to vote.

Equifax will automatically start charging you from next month, so be sure to cancel it. You can’t cancel it from their website. Some people managed to do it by email, but I had to call them to cancel the subscription.

Increasing your initial deposit or choosing a different bank might help you get a loan.

Cheers, will call them wednesday. I just managed to get a loan from different company motivated by my not so bad credit score. Happy days :slight_smile:

So what bike you gonna spunk it on?

Will defo help if you get on the electoral roll. Just be sure to remember - all politicians are w*nkers. :smiley: Though some are worse than others.

If you don’t take care of politics, politics will take care of you. And if you don’t vote, don’t whine about roadwork’s, congestion charge or anything else. You had your chance and you did nothing.

Not strictly true… Not voting is not necessarily a bi-product of apathy. It is a conscious decision to say that you have an issue with the current political establishment as a whole.

Politics is not just about voting and feeding the mouths of the idiots in westminster…

not voting is the only right choice these days.

in Italy for example, if you dont happen to vote for the right party they kindly ‘change’ your vote for you. :smiley:

a good site for free credit reports that never charge you is noddle, they send you an update every month and is very detailed. Just for future reference.