Do You Ever...

I was just wondering if, as a rule, once you’ve said Hi to a noob, do you ever return to that thread or just wait until you see them in the main forum areas?As a rule, I say hi and that’s it, but occasionally, I forget if I’ve said hello to somebody and pop back in, only to find a reply to something I’ve said.

Which then kinda makes it look like I’ve ignored the noob :crying:(EDIT: Bugger - messed that up - put spaces in between the poll answers and ended up with a couple of blank answers… Ho hum, live’n’learn :D)

i do, you’re just a bad person!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what my momma says! :smiley:

I now sometimes do yeah. Got to admit that I posted my first in the Noob section as is recommended and didnt go back to look till a couple of months later and thought OH booger should have at least thanked the peeps that said hi to me.

First time ever using a forum